Wednesday, June 8, 2011


Yea, I had a feeling this sketch blog might die out. Sadly I just don't really draw that much anymore. Or I should say I don't draw for myself anymore. I work two full time jobs basically and when I'm done working I don't have the will to do anymore artwork. It's been almost two years since I've finished something from beginning to end for myself -__- I just work way too damn much, and the free time that I do have (as few and far between as that is) I try to spend with friends, because I don't need to fall off the face of the planet anymore then I already have D:

I hope to eventually, someday, have more time for myself to do the art that I WANT to do for MYSELF. It's been too long and it's really depressing the hell out of me. I feel that I've stagnated for far to long, and sometimes when I do find a chance to sit and doodle for myself I can tell that I have not grown at all over the past few years. That is more depressing then anything else.

So yea...this blog probably wont see any updates for a while if ever again. I might set up a tumbler account and try that out soon. But we'll see what'll probably share the same fate as this site ;__;

But well, sorry for the lack of new art folks. Maybe someday I won't be a slave to my jobs anymore :(


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