Friday, June 5, 2009

Symbiont - Celldweller Entry

So I'm a nerd and I wanted to throw my creative two cents into the Celldweller graphics art doohickey thing that's going on. Pretty much it's just creating some art based around a Celldweller song and or inspired by Celldweller. And you know I'm a sucker when it comes to Klayton and Celldweller stuff.

So this is an in progress of my 'Symbiont' entry. Obviously based around the song, 'Symbiont'. There are elements from a few other songs off the album thrown in here but Symbiont is the main focus for the image. Listening to the album I get this idea of these two characters and their I said, I'm a nerd. But it makes loads of sense in my head so that's all that matters.


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